Bung Access Ultra-Drum Funnel®

Protect against spills, splashes and leaks with the only drum-top funnel that provides access to the ¾ inch drum bung


0482 and 0488 Bung access funnel - guy pouring

5-Year Warranty-Best-Gray-Isolated

The Bung Access Ultra-Drum Funnel sits securely on any 55-gallon drum and gives added protection against splashes and leaks from oil or other contaminated liquids. Its unique zig-zag channeled surface design diffuses splashes, while level surfaces allow filters, paint cans, buckets, and bottles to stand upright while draining passively.


The funnel’s unique shape allows access to the ¾” bung making it ideal for installing a pop-up liquid level gauge. This makes it easy for you to visually monitor the waste level in the drum to eliminate messes caused by overfilling and helps you plan ahead for drum removal.


Key Features:

  • Zig-zag channeled surface to diffuse splashing.
  • Level surfaces enable paint cans, buckets and bottles to stand upright while draining passively.
  • Optional hinged cover keeps dirt and unwanted materials out of your waste stream.  
  • A lockable lid for secure drum management.
  • Measures 29-inches width by 26-3/4-inches depth by 9-1/2-inches height
Bung Access Ultra-Drum Funnel®
Part# :0482 - Bung Access Drum Funnel with spoutPart# :0484 - Bung Access Drum Funnel with hinged cover, with spout
Part# : 0488 - Bung Access Drum Funnel no spoutPart# :0487 - Bung Access Drum Funnel with hinged cover, no spout
How do I know if I need a spout?
Dimension: 23 5/8" OD x 5½" (600 mm x 140 mm)29" x 26¾"x9½" with hinged cover (737 mm x 679 mm x 241mm)
Weight: 10 lbs. (4.5 kg)17 lbs. (7.5 kg) with hinged cover
Capacity: 6 gallons (23 L)
Options:  Snap-on Cover - Part# 0485, Pop Up Fill Gauge Part# 9985
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