Ultra-Concrete Washout Filter ®

Solve your concrete washout dilemma


The Ultra-Concrete Washout Filter’s three-chamber design filters washout to separate the aggregate and sediment for recycling. An additional 25 foot hose can be easily attached and used to discharge the filtered water onto grass or vegetation. 
Top Chamber
The washout filter’s top chambercollects the bulkyaggregate, gravel, sand, etc. from the washing of a truck’s chute. Water than runs out slots in the sidewalls and down into the middle chamber. 

Middle Chamber
The middle chamber has a porous bottom and a screen over the holes. Small grit, sand and sediment that escapes the top chamber is filtered out. This chamber can also contain Filter Pod and Neutralization Powder(an array of specially formulated chemicals)topull sediment out of the suspension and reduce pH. 

Bottom Chamber 
Shroud inside the bottom chamber helps prevent the exit of any floatables and makes sure only water that has had some residence time in the Bottom Chamber is allowed to exit the Chamber.
Additional Features: 
  • The average Filter Pod will handle about 1,250-1,500 gallons of washout or approximately 100 washouts. 
  • Neutralization Packets are single useand are sold in packages of 10.Lightweight and small in footprint; only 34 lbs. and 23” diameter x 37” height.
  • Helps meet NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999)
Helpful Add-ons: 
  • 25' hose (optional) may be used to allow the discharge to be directed onto grass or vegetation.
  • Polishing Sock (optional) attaches to hose or discharge port and removes more fine particles forareas with more stringent turbidity requirements.


Ultra-Concrete Washout Filter ®
Part # : 3500

Dimension:48” x 48” x 14” (1,219 mm x 1,219 mm x 356 mm)


Weight:5 lbs. (2 kg)


Containment Capacity:139 gal. (526 L)

Filter Pod MSDS
Neutralization Packet MSDS
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