Ultra-Track Pans®

Installation Is simple! Lightweight Track Pans can be easily installed without heavy lifting equipment, i.e. forklifts, cranes, backhoes, etc. Minimal tools and labor required.

Click For Larger Image Flow-through channels - All Track Pans are connected "end to end" with bulkhead fittings, and a 3-inch diameter flow-through channel, allowing spills to flow from one Track Pan to the next.   Spill containment capacity is increased as the spill travels from Track Pan to Track Pan.
Click For Larger Image Closed-cell, polyethylene gaskets are then installed to complete the seal.  (gaskets are provided)
Click For Larger Image Side Track Pans are secured in place with rebar or other fasteners.  (2-foot-long rebar fasteners with protective caps are available as options.)

Click here to download Ultra-Track Pan installation instructions


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