New Products

Construction Compliance

Filter Pad

Capture Oil, Gas and Other Hydrocarbons While Allowing Clean Rainwater To Flow Through. Use Ultra-Filter Pads on construction sites, oil fields and other areas where spill containment is needed but shelters or structures are not available. Polyethylene and PVC construction is lightweight but durable - folds for quick and easy storage or transport.

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Facility Protection

Sidewinder Cable Protection System

Protect Cords And Cables And Avoid Dangerous Tripping Hazards. The Ultra-Sidewinder Cable Protection System™ is an innovative new solution for protecting cables run across a floor. Cables can be left in the system and coiled around a three foot diameter for the ultimate in portability, or left in place indefinitely.

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Oil Spill Clean Up Solutions

Spill Containment

Hose Stand

Keep Hoses Off Berm Sidewalls — Reduce Damage And Maintain Full Capacity

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Flexible Spill Deck and Spill Deck Bladder Systems

Low profile, low cost spill containment helps meet regulations — takes up minimal storage/shipping space. Versatile spill containment decks are very low- profile for easy and convenient loading/unloading. Units can be connected together to share containment and meet EPA and SPCC requirements.

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Flexible Spill Pallets

Lowest cost spill containment pallet also provides flexibility for storage and shipping. Available in 2 and 4-drum models these spill pallets meet EPA and SPCC regulations but are easily folded and disassembled for compact storage when they are being shipped or not in use.

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Safe Connect

Capture leaks, drips and spills at fluid transfer hose connections. Protect connections from any drips or spills that may occur. Safe Connect quickly installs on 2" or 3" hose fittings and prevents spills from bad connections, loose fitting or holes or cracks in hoses.

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Berm Builder

Build a barrier around machinery or equipment that is permanently mounted or cannot easily be moved or wherever a berm wall is needed. Economical spill containment for leaks and spills around machinery and equipment.

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Spill Response & Decon

Drain Seal, Clear Model

Transparent Drain Protection Allows Responders to See Spills Are Being Stopped. Clear material provides unobstructed view of covered drains - enables responders to make sure a complete seal is made. No more guesswork about Drain Seal effectivness - quickly see if spills are entering the drain through cracks in the surface, imperfections in the grating, or other irregularities that can break the seal.

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Pop Up Pool Plus

Spill Response Pool Folds Into Compact Package Until Needed - Quickly Opens and Bladder Unfurls to Capture Large Spills. Ultra-Pop Up Pool Plus is available in 150, 66 and 20 gallon sizes. Simply unfold the Pool and open the Bladder Compartment — the Bladder will automatically expand/unfurl as the liquid level in the pool rises.

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Respond quickly to spills and clean them up before they can impact the environment and surroundings. This patented spill response vacuum uses a rengenerative blower that does not come into direct contact with spilled contents.

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Stormwater Management

Drain Guard Microbe Boom Model

Capture pollutants above the drain, clean and bioremediate below the drain. The Ultra-Drain Guard Microbe Boom Model combines a catch basin insert to remove oil, sediment and debris with a Microbe Boom to go inside of the catch basin to help naturally bioremediate any hydrocarbon contamination.

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Drain Guard Adjustable Frame Model

Drain Guard stays in place even with grate removed. Adjustable catch basin insert quickly re-sizes to fit almost any storm drain. Steel frame adjusts and keeps Drain Guard in place – preventing it from falling into the basin even when the grate is lifted.

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Ultra-Ever Dry

Ever Dry

Ultra-Ever Dry is a superhydrophobic (water) and oleophobic (hydrocarbons) coating that will repel most water-based and some oil-based liquids. Ultra-Ever Dry uses proprietary omniphobic technology to repel water, some oils, wet concrete, and other liquids unlike any other coating.

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Ever Dry Sprayers

Ultra-Mini Sprayers and Power Sprayers are the perfect tools for applying Ultra-Ever Dry

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