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Treat hydrogen sulfide and other hazardous chemicals cost effectively

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Aveho odor removal technology is an engineered material consisting of nanometer-sized particles that capture and physically bind odor-causing compounds.

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Construction Compliance

Site Entrance Kit

Stabilize soil at construction site entrances

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Facility Protection

Sidewinder Cable Protection System

Protect Cords And Cables And Avoid Dangerous Tripping Hazards. The Ultra-Sidewinder Cable Protection System™ is an innovative new solution for protecting cables running across a floor. Cables can be left in the system and coiled around a three foot diameter for the ultimate in portability, or left in place indefinitely.

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Sidewinder Ramp

The Ultra-Sidewinder Ramp is constructed with a durable polymer that has a textured, nonskid surface and is specifically designed to go over the Ultra-Sidewinder Cable Protection Systems™ (medium and large sizes only) to meet ADA requirements.

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Spill Containment

Flexible Spill Deck and Spill Deck Bladder Systems

Low profile, low cost spill containment helps meet regulations — takes up minimal storage/shipping space. Versatile spill containment decks are very low- profile for easy and convenient loading/unloading. Units can be connected together to share containment and meet EPA and SPCC requirements.

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Flexible Spill Pallets

Lowest cost spill containment pallet also provides flexibility for storage and shipping. Available in 2 and 4-drum models these spill pallets meet EPA and SPCC regulations but are easily folded and disassembled for compact storage when they are being shipped or not in use.

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Mini Foam Wall Containment Berm (Duck Ponds)

Quick and convenient spill containment for vehicles, equipment and containers.

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Modular Model Containment Berm (Gorilla Berm)

Versatile spill containment that can be reused and easily modified. Separate liners and foam support blocks allow berm to be quickly and easily modified to many different configurations.

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Transformer Tray

Simple and effective spill containment for transformers

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Spill Response & Decon


Respond quickly to spills and clean them up before they can impact the environment and surroundings. This patented spill response vacuum uses a rengenerative blower that does not come into direct contact with spilled contents.

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Stormwater Management

Utility Filter Sock

Filter oily water from utility vaults

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Trench Filter Boom

Stop oil and other hydrocarbons from entering trench drains

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Waste Containers

Overpack Plus

Highest performance of any 95- or 65-gallon poly overpack on the market. Complies with UN Packaging Group 1 and certified for use as DOT Salvage Drums, 49 CFR 173.3. Easy-to-close screw top lid. Very economical.

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