Product of the Week: Gentoo


Gentoo coating was launched a couple of weeks ago.  This clear coating not only repels water but most oils and solvents as well. It is also able to withstand significant abrasion without sacrificing performance. 

Many of you have asked where this amazing new product can be used.  The beauty of this durable, hydrophobic coating is that it has so many possibilities as far as its application.  Here's just a handful of uses: 

  1. Anti-graffiti on smooth painted surfaces.
  2. Anti-Permanent marker on smooth surfaces.
  3. Waterproofing of electronics on motherboard of drones.
  4. Paint hooks and allow the paint to be easily removed.
  5. Surfaces that require easier paint removal.
  6. Lenses – cars, glasses, masks, etc.
  7. Reduction of ice adhesion on vehicle LED light covers.
  8. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic to repel water, help in reducing ice formation on wind turbine blades (further tests underway)
  9. Allowing glass to be self-cleaned or easy cleaned with muddy water, river water, grey water or recycled water (applications for cleaning solar panels and testing is in progress).
  10. Some types of boots, gloves, treads on shoe and boot soles
  11. Safety glasses
  12. Aircraft landing gear for corrosion control
  13. Stainless steel cable that is immersed in salt water for corrosion control
  14. Anti-Corrosion in a variety of applications
  15. Snow boards - sheds snow and ice 

There are many other applications that have either done well in testing or are expected to do well with Gentoo.  Please contact us for more information, or, better yet, order a Quart Kit (Part# 4700) and find out for yourself.

Not sure what Gentoo is?  Watch this video.