Product of the Week: Ultra-Berm Builder

When you receive an Ultra-Spill Pallet, the "installation" process is pretty simple:  Lift up your drum (or drums).  Place the spill pallet under the drum.  Lower the drums onto the pallet. Done.

Unfortunately, spill containment is always that easy.  There are times when it is not possible, or practical, to lift (or even move) a piece of machinery or equipment onto a spill containment product.

In those cases, the Ultra-Berm Builder may be the perfect solution.  The components of this system are designed to be assembled around an area that requires containment.  Once the area is configured, the system is adhered and sealed to the floor using the included adhesive.

And just like that you've got a custom spill containment system installed around your immovable piece of machinery or equipment.

The Ultra-Berm Builder is available as a complete kit (Part# 8640) which includes:  Walls, corners, floor sealant tubes, a connector collar and industrial vinyl adhesive. 

Individual components are also available separately if needed to complete a larger/more custom system.

Find out more about the Ultra-Berm Builder.