Product of the Week:  Ultra-Containment Berm, Foam Wall Model

The Ultra-Containment Berm, Foam Wall Model is arguably the most versatile berm in the UltraTech line-up.  It is certainly one of the most popular models, especially in the oil and gas industry.

Containment Berm models vary from each other in the way their sidewalls work.  It is likely that this is where the model's popularity is rooted. 

Not all Ultra-Containment Berms are designed to be driven in and out of, without any set-up or take down of the sidewalls.  The Foam Wall Model is one of four models that have this capability.  But not only can it be driven over, the simplicity of this model's design (heavy-duty foam blocks encased in rugged industrial-strength material) gives it the ability to be driven into, or out of, at any angle.  And the open-cell construction of the foam allows it to "rebound" quickly and maintain its original form. 

This kind of versatility can be crucial depending on the site and application of the product.  There may not be, after all, the flexibility for all vehicles to enter and exit in the same way at the same angle.  Many sites are an ever-evolving and ever-moving amalgamation of controlled chaos. 

Another advantage of the Foam Wall Model Containment Berm is there are no pieces to lose.  Each foam block is encased in the Berm's material (usually Copolymer-2000 or PVC) and heat-sealed to insure its security. 

Ultra-Containment Berms and other products like them take a beating in the field.  One area that is specifically susceptible to abusive wear and tear is the corners.  The Foam Wall Model Containment Berm has corners that are uniquely designed so they can easily be repaired or replaced in the field.  We offer corner caps to quickly re-construct and repair berms that are damaged. 

A final, yet very notable, advantage for this Containment Berm is its ability to be used on just about any type of surface or soil.  With the exception of the Foam Wall Model, Ultra-Containment Berms are designed with a firm surfaced location in mind (typically concrete, asphalt or some other compacted/solid surface). 

When the ground of the site that requires spill containment is soft sand, soil or gravel, the Foam Wall Model is often the best solution.  The foam sidewalls are able to compress under the weight of vehicles regardless of the angle the "give" of the surface below it may create.

The Ultra-Containment Berm, Foam Wall Model is offered in standard sizes with a 2" and 4" height.  Other sizes and heights are also available.