Product of the Week: Ultra-Hard Top P1 Plus

Outdoor spill containment…there are solutions for storing drums safely outside. We make some. Our competitors make some (not as well, but they make some). We make two and four drum units, they make two and four drum units (again, not as well but they make them).

But what about those single drums that need containment outside? What are THEY supposed to do??! Oh sure, they could go inside a two drum unit like the Ultra-Hard Top P2 Plus but that's like sleeping in the bed when your spouse is out of town. It works... but it just feels weird.  And what if you have multiple areas around your facility with single drums that need containment? Placing a two-drum unit at each of those spots could take more money (and space) than it has to.

Enter the Ultra-Hard Top P1 Plus, the only one-drum outdoor spill containment unit ever known to man.  Ok, maybe that's a stretch but it is the only one-drum outdoor containment unit on the market.


So, when you have a need for drum storage and spill containment outside and you only have one drum, you know where to come.

The Ultra-Hard Top P1 Plus is an all-polyethylene unit (no metal parts to corrode or rust) that has two sections. The bottom sump is, of course, where the 55-gallon drum sits. The top section goes over the drum and locks into place onto the bottom section (molded-in features secure the two sections together but it can also be "locked" with padlocks to prevent theft or unauthorized access).

A roll top door allows quick and easy access to the drum for dispensing or pouring. The Ultra-Hard Top P1 Plus can be moved using a forklift under the "shoulder" area, or wheeled with an optional dolly.

The 70-gallon containment capacity meets both SPCC and EPA Spill Containment Regulations.


For more information on the Ultra-Hard Top P1 Plus click here or contact us.