Product of the Week: Ultra-Hard Top P4 Plus

Storing drum outdoors presents two problems as far as the EPA is concerned. The obvious one is what happens if the drum leaks. A liquid spill will seek out the lowest point of the surface it's on. That will most likely be storm drain. And once it reaches that drain, it's a whole new ballgame. And not one that you want to be playing in. It is for this problem that UltraTech originally developed spill containment products.

The other, less obvious problem that concerns the EPA has little to do with a drum leak. No, the second potential issue is stormwater management. A 55-gallon drum that is exposed (not covered/protected from rainwater) poses a threat to the stormwater system. Most drums and containers have residual liquid/chemicals that have built up on the outside. This typically happens as a result of careless filling of the container or transfer of fluids. Regardless, when that residual material is exposed to rainfall it gets carried off with it to the nearest storm drain. While this is not as big of a problem as a spill, it's still a problem.


The Ultra-Hard Top P4 Plus is a solution to both the problem of spill containment and exposure to stormwater.

The 75-gallon sump can safely store up to four drums and exceeds the gallon capacity required by the EPA. Because it is enclosed, and storm resistant, drums are not exposed to the elements and therefore meets the NPDES Phase II stormwater management requirements.

The Ultra-Hard Top P4 Plus is polyethylene and will not rust or corrode so you can expect years of service. The unique dual closure provides quick, easy and complete access to all four drums. An optional ramp is available for easier loading and unloading. The ramp can be stored inside of the unit when not in use.