Product of the Week: Ultra-Utility Tray, Flexible Model

Recently I gave up my Swiss Army knife to the crack security team at Jacksonville International Airport.  I had forgotten I had it in my computer bag and rather than going through the hassle of filling out forms and mailing it to myself, I just gave it up so I could catch my flight.  I'm going to miss that knife.  I had it for years and it came in handy more times that I can think of.  It wasn't very big but it proved itself time and time again with tasks like opening boxes, removing screws, cutting apples and pulling out splinters. 

I thoughts about that knife as I pondered what to write for the Product of the Week, the Ultra-Utility Tray, Flexible Models.  Like a pocket knife, the Flexible Model Utility Tray's big advantage is portability.  You could carry a larger knife that would cut an apple faster and easier.  And you could carry a standard screwdriver for those unexpected fix-it jobs.  But at some point, a pocket full of single-purpose tools becomes a bit unwieldy.  In the same way, you could put a 4-drum Spill Pallet in the back of your pickup truck and tote it around in case of a leak.  Or, you could try and fit a 2-drum Spill Deck on your loading dock shelf in anticipation of a leaking freight truck or broken package.  But neither of those is an optimal solution, as far as storage space or ease of transport.



The Ultra-Utility Tray, Flexible Model is a very versatile spill containment / spill response product that folds and rolls up into a compact package when not in use.  With sizes ranging from 12"x12" to 48"x48", these Utility Trays can be used effectively in a wide variety of applications.  PVC construction makes the product compatible with a wide range of chemicals and set-up is simple taking  only a few seconds.

So the next time you need a spill containment or spill response solution that is also easy to transport (and ship) and take up very little storage space, keep the Ultra-Utility Tray, Flexible Model in mind.  It's the Swiss Army knife of spill containment!