Wrong Way Wednesday:  Don't Be Dumb

There's an old saying attributed to Hunter S. Thompson, "Anything worth doing, is worth doing right." There's also a saying that we use at UltraTech quite a bit, "Don't be dumb."

Either of those would be fitting for today's Wrong Way Wednesday. It just depends on how nice and/or accurate you care to be.

The photo shows a fairly common technique used by construction companies. And by common, I mean "cheapest possible" and by technique, I mean "half-assery". Sadly, the end result pictured is also common.

This concoction of construction commodities may be economical and easy to install but it makes for a poor stormwater management solution. It may work in short-term, low rainfall scenarios but long term exposure will quickly deteriorate the materials and a large amount of rain will… well, you can see what that will do.

But don't worry, I'm not one to come to you with problems and no solutions. The Ultra-Curb Guard Plus is a stormwater management product specifically designed for this application. We designed the Ultra-Curb Guard Plus to withstand the substantial amount of rainwater that curb inlets often receive. The heavy-duty foam inserts wedge securely into the inlet ensuring the unit stays in place. The polypropylene material and engineered design of the product allow it to filter large amounts of water without ponding or flooding.


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