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The Goal:

The Advanced Technology Group (ATG) was started within UltraTech to attain one main goal: To construct a virtual bridge between the developers of cutting-edge technologies and the markets that need those technologies

Too many useful and game-changing technologies never see their way into the marketplace because the people, labs, universities, or companies that create the technologies do not have the skill-set or organization to successfully handle the business side of the equation.  ATG acts as an “incubator” for these technologies and has the ability to create market-needed products.  Our channels of distribution and skill-set make us effective in creating market awareness and demand.

The Team:

ATG has assembled a group of engineers, technicians, and managers to focus on the goal.  Once products and/or technologies are completely developed and commercialized, they are launched to UltraTech’s 1,800 distributors that cover over 80 countries.   

The Products:

ATG seeks the newest and most exciting technologies that are being developed throughout the world.  Its platform product is the successful superhydrophobic spray known as Ultra-Ever Dry®.  This award-winning technology is creating quite a buzz in the coatings world where it is creating new standards and solving problems that previously never had a solution. 

ATG has also added to its portfolio a complementary product/technology known as EverShield®.  This technology was created over a five-year period in a joint development program between the U.S. Military and an innovation laboratory. The result is a Durable Omni Repellent (DOR) fabric treatment that creates a superhydrophobic and oleophobic coating that is bonded to the fabric’s fibers providing fabric/clothing that is self-cleaning, doesn’t need laundering, is water repellent, food repellent, is oil and chemical repellent and can be washed if desired over and over again.   It has the opportunity to create a new standard in performance fabrics – DOR. 

ATG has also invested in bringing out new “oxidizing” technologies.  One is the solution to a long-standing problem of hydrogen sulfide gas in the wastewater treatment industry as well as oil and gas mining, landfills and paper mills.  Ultra-S3 quickly and effectively breaks down hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) into elemental sulfur and water and breaks down other recalcitrant organic compounds into primarily carbon dioxide and water.

The Commitment: 

ATG is committed to seeking out significant technologies and transforming them into viable products.  UltraTech can then begin developing and implementing marketing and sales plans and putting into place an ongoing strategy for product improvement and development.  Sized to move quickly when opportunities present themselves, yet, by working within UltraTech, ATG has the resources and access to perform well, manage and grow new lines and achieve market success within required timeframes. 


ATG:  Bridging new technologies and global markets.