Ultra-Cab Mount Containers®

Store Pop Up Pools behind the cab — out of the way, but ready for any emergency

Spill response products need to be easily accessible.  A Pop Up Pool buried in the back of a truck's cab or somewhere under a seat is not ideal when a spill happens.  

The Ultra-Cab Mount Container is a dedicated place for your Pop Up Pool... and ONLY your Pop Up Pool.  So when a fuel spill or chemical leak happens, you know exactly where to go.

  • Durable, all-polyethylene construction will resist harsh weather effects.
  • Cover is lockable for security purposes.
  • Store Pop Up Pools outside of the cab, preserving valuable interior space for other necessities.
  • Note: Only Ultra-Pop Up Pool Economy Models will fit into Cab Mount Containers.


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Ultra-Cab Mount Containers

Part # Dimensions in. (mm) Weight lbs. (kg) Where to Buy
8155 28¼ x 13 x 10¾ (717 x 330 x 273) 8.0 (3.5)
Frequently Asked Questions

Is any mounting hardware included with the Ultra-Cab Mount Container?
Because of the many ways the Cab Mount Container can be installed and the different possible areas of installation, we do not include any hardware. 



Is an Ultra-Pop Up Pool included with the Cab Mount Container?
Pop Up Pools are not included with the Ultra-Cab Mount Containers and must be purchased separately.



What is the Ultra-Cab Mount Container made of?
The Cab Mount Container is rotationally molded with low-density polyethylene.



Is the Ultra-Cab Mount Container lockable?
Yes, the lid can be locked to the body with a standard padlock or zip tie.



Is the Cab Mount Container UV resistant?
Yes. The Ultra-Cab Mount Container is made with an ultra-violet (UV) ray inhibitor to insure an extended outdoor service life.



What Pop Up Pools will fit in the Cab Mount Container?
Any of the Economy Model Pop Up Pools up to and including the 150 gallon size (the 250 and 400 gallon sizes are too large) can be used with the Ultra-Cab Mount Containers. Sprung Steel Model Pop Up Pools will not fit.