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Modular Model (Gorilla Berm)

Versatile spill containment that can be reused and easily modified

The Ultra-Containment Berm, Modular Model, also known, affectionately, as the Gorilla Berm has the ability to do something that none of our other Berms can... change its dimensions.  By using 6-foot long coated, foam blocks for its wall structure, the Gorilla Berm can very quickly and easily be resized to other shapes and sizes to meet other requirements.  

The foam blocks also allow the Modular Model Containment Berm to be driven in and out of without any manual operation of the walls.  The heavy-duty foam compresses to allow trucks and other vehicles to drive into the unit and quickly returns to its normal state when the weight is removed.

Key Features:
  • Modular construction allows containment areas of any size to be configured.
  • Polymer-coated foam support blocks (6’ lengths) provide structure to sidewalls - can be driven over repeatedly without damage.
  • Standard material is a 22oz., anti-skid, coated vinyl fabric.
  • Other materials available upon request.

  • Triangular-shaped, polymer-coated foam support blocks (72”L x 16”W x 6”H) are used with rebar (not included) to provide sidewall structure.
  • Molded-in slots in the top of foam blocks hold rebar - secures material in place.
  • True drive-in/drive-out capability.  No manual set-up or take down of sidewalls required.

  • Meets SPCC and EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 Spill Containment Regulations.


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 NOTE: The tan material shown in this video has been replaced with black material. 


From UltraTech University

Ultra-Containment Berms, Modular Model (Gorilla Berm)

Part # Dimensions ft. (m) Wall Height: 6 in. (152 mm) Number of Modular Walls (4 Corners Included) Containment Capacity gal. (L) Weight lbs. (kg) Color Where to Buy
8740 7 x 13 (2.1 x 4.0) 6 366 (1,385) 165.0 (74.5) Black
8741 13 x 13 (4.0 x 4.0) 8 665 (2,517) 220.0 (100.0) Black
8742 13 x 25 (4.0 x 7.6) 12 1,263 (4,781) 332.0 (150.5) Black
8743 13 x 31 (4.0 x 9.4) 14 1,563 (5,917) 387.0 (176.0) Black
8744 13 x 43 (4.0 x 13.1) 18 2,161 (8,180) 491.0 (222.5) Black
8745 13 x 55 (4.0 x 16.8) 22 2,759 (10,444) 610.0 (278.0) Black
8746 13 x 61 (4.0 x 18.6) 24 3,059 (11,580) 666.0 (302.0) Black
8747 25 x 55 (7.6 x 16.8) 26 5,243 (19,847) 868.0 (393.5) Black
8748 31 x 55 (9.4 x 16.8) 28 6,485 (24,548) 1,004.0 (455.5) Black
8749 55 x 55 (16.8 x 16.8) 36 11,452 (43,351) 1,502.0 (681.5) Black


Part # Description Dimensions in. (mm) Weight lbs. (kg) Where to Buy
8730 Modular Wall Only 72 x 16 x 6 (1,829 x 406 x 152) 20.0 (9.1)
8731 Corner Only 24 x 24 x 6 (610 x 610 x 152) 11 (5.0)

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Press Release - Versatile spill containment that can be reused and easily modified

Press Release -  UltraTech Receives Patent For Spill Containment Berm

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the support blocks made of?
The triangular-shaped support blocks are polymer-coated foam and are 72”L x 16”W x 6”H



How do I know what to order?
There are a number of complete Gorilla Berm systems available (includes all support blocks, four support block corners, and a liner) ranging in size from 7' x 13' to 55' x 55'. If the size of your spill containment area isn't one of the sizes listed, please contact us and we can help you determine how many / what size of each component is needed.



What size rebar should I use?
We recommend using #9 rebar (1” dia.) to secure the liner to the support block structure.



Is rebar provided?
Rebar is not provided.



What material is used for the liner?
A heavy-duty, 22oz., anti-skid, coated vinyl fabric (PVC) is the standard. Please contact us for availability of other materials.



Are replacement parts available?
Yes, all components (support blocks, support block corners, liners) are available separately.



Are there support block sections for the corners?
Yes, the Ultra-Containment Berm, Modular Model uses support blocks specifically designed for the corners of the containment area.



What chemicals is the Ultra-Containment Berm, Modular Model compatible with?
The liner is PVC and is compatible with a wide range of chemicals. For specific chemical information, please refer to our chemical compatibility guide.


Patents Page

  • 40 CFR 264.175
  • Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Act (SPCC)