Ultra-Containment Trays®

Versatile secondary containment for small containers and packages

Small containers need spill containment too! It only takes a small amount of hazardous material or chemicals to make a mess and/or create a dangerous situation.

That's why we've created products like the Ultra-Containment Tray. The all-polyethylene construction provides excellent compatibility for most chemicals and the optional grating will raise containers out of any potential spills. Available in high visibility yellow or grime hiding black.

Key Features:  
  • Low profile, the 16.5-gallon sump is perfect for spill containment of 5-gallon pails, batteries, safety cans, dry cleaning waste drums and leaky machine parts.
  • Optional 2’ x 4’ grating elevates containers from spilled liquid — features 14-gallon containment capacity with the grating.
  • All polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode.
  • Meets EPA Container Storage Regulations for small packages with the grating in place.
  • Protected by the industry’s strongest warranty - Five (5) years against any material or workmanship defects.  Learn more.



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Ultra-Containment Trays

Part # Description Dimensions in. (mm) Containment Capacity gal. (L) Weight lbs. (kg) Where to Buy
2351 Yellow Without Grating 54 x 29¾ x 3½ (1,372 x 756 x 89) 16.5 (62) 17.0 (7.5)
2352 Yellow With Grating 54 x 29¾ x 3½ (1,372 x 756 x 89) 14 (53) 34.0 (15.0)
2328 Black Without Grating 54 x 29¾ x 3½ (1,372 x 756 x 89) 16.5 (62) 17.0 (7.5)
2350 Black With Grating 54 x 29¾ x 3½ (1,372 x 756 x 89) 14 (53) 34.0 (15.0)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Ultra-Containment Trays made from?
The Containment Trays are made from low-density polyethylene



Why are the Containment Trays available in different colors?
The Ultra-Containment Trays are available in yellow so they are highly visible and easily noticed. The black color is available to hide dirt and grime.



Why is the Containment Tray available with or without a grate?
In order to meet spill containment regulations, containers must not be allowed to sit in any spilled material. The grate prevents that situation from happening.



What type of warranty is provided for the Ultra-Containment Trays?
The Containment Trays are protected by UltraTech's industry-leading, 5-year warranty. Click here for details.



Do Ultra-Containment Trays meet EPA regulations?
The EPA regulations are based, in part, on gallon capacity. As long as those gallon capacities are met, the Containment Trays will help to comply with the regulations. Learn more here.



What is the weight capacity of the Ultra-Containment Trays?
The weight capacity is 40,000 lbs. (UDL) or 5,000 lbs/ sq.ft.



What do I need to know about shipping Ultra-Containment Trays?

  • Qty 20 per skid (2 stacks of 10)
  • 53' truck = 520
  • Total of 26 skids
  • 40 CFR 264.175