Ultra-Drain Guard®

Adjustable Frame Model

Drain Guard stays in place even with grate removed

There are many models of Ultra-Drain Guard. And most of them are held in place by the weight of the storm drain grating. The one exception to this is the Adjustable Model. Instead, this unit relies on a steel framework to keep it from falling into the basin. 

The steel framework adjusts to fit different drain sizes. 

What is the advantage of this type of installation? For one thing, the Drain Guard remains in place even when the grating is lifted. With other models, crews need the foresight to secure the Drain Guard before lifting the grate. The other advantage is aesthetics. There is no excess material to trim or that may stick out above the grating. It's a clean and simple installation.

Key Features:  
  • Adjustable catch basin insert quickly re-sizes to fit almost any storm drain – no trimming of excess fabric required.
  • Steel frame adjusts and keeps Drain Guard in place – preventing it from falling into the basin even when the grate is lifted.
  • Heavy-duty hook-and-loop fasteners around the perimeter of the Drain Guard skirt keeps it secured to the frame.
  • Quick and clean installation – no measuring or trimming required.
  • The steel frame can be reused - Replacement Filter Fabric available and is quickly and easily installed.
  • Helps comply with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999) and TMDL requirements.


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 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Ultra-Drain Guard, Adjustable Frame Model

Part # Quantity Min Dimensions in (mm) Max Dimensions in (mm) Performance Weight lbs. (kg) Where to Buy
8930 1 16L x 20W x 18H (406 x 508 x 458) 26L x 32W x 18H (660 x 813 x 458) Up to 1.26 gallons (5 L) of oil and up to 40 lbs. (18 kg) of sediment 7.0 (3.0)
8931 10 16L x 20W x 18H (406 x 508 x 458) 26L x 32W x 18H (660 x 813 x 458) Up to 1.26 gallons (5 L) of oil and up to 40 lbs. (18 kg) of sediment 7.0 (3.0)


Part # Description Where to Buy
8932 Replacement Filter Fabric, 10-Pack

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The Path to the Perfect Product

DOT Approvals

Oregon Dept. of Transportation - Letter

Washington State Dept. of Transportation - Letter

Frequently Asked Questions

How much water can the Drain Guard handle?
When new, the Drain Guard has a flow rate of 90 gpm/ft2. However, the unit has been designed with overflow ports.  These allow the Drain Guard a flow rate of 770 gpm which will prevent any flooding or ponding during extreme rain events.  Any water that goes through the overflow is essentially untreated.


How long will a Drain Guard last?
It is difficult to arrive at a definitive answer for this as there are several factors that will determine how long an Ultra-Drain Guard will last after it has been installed.  The amount of rainfall and the amount and type of pollutants that the unit will be exposed to, among other things will determine the Drain Guard's life expectancy.  For this reason, we recommend inspecting the unit after each significant rain event to better understand how much each Drain Guard will capture.  We have had test units in Seattle as well as Florida that were still working effectively after more than a year after installation.


Can the Ultra-Drain Guard be reused?
Yes, under most circumstances.  If the Drain Guard is filled with sand, silt, and sediment, it can be removed from the drain, emptied out and replaced.  Trash and debris can also be removed.  The exception is if the Drain Guard is saturated with oil, gas or other hydrocarbons.  Because these pollutants can be flushed out of the Drain Guard by a major rain event, it is recommended that the units be replaced instead of reused.


Can I replace just the filter fabric without buying another frame?
Yes, replacement fabric is available in a 10-pack (Part# 8932).  Simply remove the fabric by pulling apart the hook and loop fasteners around the top perimeter of the Drain Guard and replace it with a new one.


Why would I use the Ultra-Drain Guard, Adjustable Frame Model instead of one of your other Drain Guard models?
The unique feature of the Adjustable Frame Model is, of course, the adjustable frame. This allows the unit to stay in place whenever the catch basin's grate is lifted or removed.  Our other Drain Guards rely on the grate to pinch the fabric and hold the unit in place.


Is hardware included?
If you purchase either Part# 8930 (1-pack) or Part# 8931 (10-pack), you will receive everything you need including the hardware (frame).  No other parts, pieces or components will be necessary to install/use your Drain Guard.


What other products could be used instead of the Ultra-Drain Guard, Adjustable Frame Model? 
The Oil & Sediment and Oil & Sediment Plus Model Ultra-Drain Guards would be good options to the Adjustable Frame Model.  If the added benefit of keeping the unit in place when the grate is lifted is significant to you, the Drain Guard Retainers can be used with any model to provide similar results.  You can also check out the Path to the Perfect Product to see what other products might be a good option. 


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