Ultra-Drain Guards®

Heavy Metal Model

Remove heavy metal runoff water at the storm drain

The early stages of stormwater management focused on the removal of sand, sediment, dirt, trash, and oil from runoff. But heavy metals have taken over the spotlight. And for good reason, because of their high degree of toxicity, many of these elements rank among the priority metals that are of public health significance.
Standard geotextiles and filter fabric won't remove heavy metals. So we use six pounds of a custom blend of filter media to remove them from stormwater flow.
Key Features:  
  • Specialized catch basin insert has “quilted” sections sewn into the body of the unit where stormwater flows through.
  • A custom blend of heavy metal removal media is contained in each section (pouch).
  • Six pounds of heavy metal removal media is contained in the lower portion of the Drain Guard.
  • An impermeable, PVC skirt at the top of the unit funnels all water to the lower portion of the Ultra-Drain Guard where it is forced to move through the media before it can move on into the storm drain.
  • This BMP removes hydrocarbons, heavy metals, sediments, and other organics from stormwater and industrial runoff.
  • Helps comply with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999) and TMDL requirements.


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Filterable Metals:

• Rubidium • Lithium • Potassium • Caesium • Ammonium • Sodium • Calcium • Silver • Cadmium • Lead • Zinc • Barium • Strontium • Copper • Mercury • Magnesium • Iron • Cobalt • Aluminum • Chromium

Ultra-Drain Guard, Heavy Metal Model

Part # Dimensions in. (mm) Flow Rate GPM (LPM) Sediment Cap. lbs. (kg) Oil Cap. lbs. (kg) Metal Cap. grams Weight lbs. (kg) Where to Buy
9397 48 x 36 x 18 (1,219 x 914 x 457) 275 (1,040) 30 (13.5) 0.23 (0.87) 190 6.5 (3.0)

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Heavy metal removal media data sheet

Heavy Metal Removal Media Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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The Path to the Perfect Product

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do with this Drain Guard after I'm "done"?
Please check with your local authorities on the proper disposal.  Since it is likely filled with heavy metals and hydrocarbons, a standard landfill may not be appropriate.


Why is the top skirt "impermeable"? None of your other Drain Guards are like that.
We want to make sure that ALL of the water goes through the filter media in the body of the Drain Guard.  In most cases, the geotextile material we use with our other Drain Guards is sufficient to remove many of the pollutants.  But it (the geotextile material) is not designed to filter or capture heavy metals.


The metal I'm concerned with is not on your list.  What should I do?
Please contact us for more information. 


With the additional filtering media, is the flow rate reduced compared to other Drain Guards?
Yes.  While other Drain Guards have flow rates in excess of 700 GPM, the Heavy Metal Model has a flow rate of 275 GPM.  This is necessary for the filter media to have enough time to effectively remove the heavy metals.


Does this Ultra-Drain Guard model absorb oil, grease and other hydrocarbons in addition to heavy metals?
Yes, the Ultra-Drain Guard, Heavy Metal Model absorbs up to .23 gallons.


How much heavy metal can this Drain Guard contain?
The Ultra-Drain Guard, Heavy Metal Model can remove/contain up to 190 grams of heavy metals.


What other products should I consider for this type of application?
The Ultra-Hydrokleen does an excellent job of removing heavy metals as does the Ultra-Filter Sock.  You can also check out the Path to the Perfect Product to see what other products might be a good option. 


Patents Page

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