Ultra-Drum Spacers®

Ultra-Drum Spacer® is a revolutionary product that replaces traditional sheets of plywood and pallets. Made of chemically resistant Xurex™ polymer, these Drum Tier Indexing Spacers are used between stacked layers of drums to provide stacking stability without strapping the drums together, and allows for higher stacking of drums (e.g., five high versus three).

The Idaho National Engineering Lab (INEL) is currently using thousands of Ultra-Drum Spacers® to meet their drum storage needs.
  • Increase your DOE facility drum storage area by 40%.
  • Choose from 55-gallon spacers (available in 4 or 8 unit modules) or 83-gallon spacers (available in 4 or 6 unit modules).


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This video is 20+ years old and not the highest quality but does a good job of explaining the product.