Ultra-Hard Top Spill Pallets®

IBC Hard Top

Comply with regulations while storing IBC tanks outdoors

The Ultra-IBC Hard Top Spill Pallet provides spill containment for IBCs, tanks and other large containers. The all-polyethylene roll top unit provides both protection from unauthorized access as well as sun, rain and the elements.

Simply place your IBC or tank into the unit with your forklift or other equipment, close the doors and rest easy knowing that you are protected.
Key Features: 
  • Upper roll top door and lower swing-out doors combine to allow easy and convenient access to IBC.
  • Safely stores an IBC tank with maximum dimensions of 52" x 52" x 61".
  • Low profile (28" height), 365-gallon containment sump allows safe material handling and dispensing.
  • Five inner polyethylene columns support uniformly distributed loads of up to 8,500 lbs.  All components are easily removed for cleaning.
  • UV inhibitor in polyethylene resin resists degrading effects of sunlight, adding years to outdoor service life. 
  • Forkliftable, lockable, all-polyethylene design will not rust or corrode.
  • Protected by the industry’s strongest warranty - Five (5) years against any material or workmanship defects.  Learn more.



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Constructed with the “The Cross of Life” Design

UltraTech Spill Containment Pallets are constructed with an innovative design called, “The Cross of Life,” which protects the Pallet’s structural integrity while bearing a heavy load over time. As more weight is applied to the top of the pallet, the cross pulls the all-polyethylene sides towards the center, instead of allowing them to sag outward.

This greatly extends the life of the containment pallet and guards against large hazmat spills caused by sagging sides. Click here to learn more about UltraTech’s “Cross of Life”.

Ultra-IBC Hard Top Spill Pallet

Part # Description Dimensions in. (mm) Uniformly Distributed Loads lbs. (kg) Containment Capacity gal. (L) Weight lbs. (kg) Where to Buy
1162 IBC Hard Top, without drain 64½ x 62 x 96 (1,639 x 1,575 x 2,439) 8,500 (3,856) 365 (1,382) 525.0 (239.0)
1161 IBC Hard Top, with drain 64½ x 62 x 96 (1,639 x 1,575 x 2,439) 8,500 (3,856) 365 (1,382) 525.0 (239.0)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Ultra-IBC Hard Top Spill Pallet support an IBC that has pedestal posts for legs, or just flat bottom IBCs? 
The Pallet has an 8,500 lb. capacity.  This is for uniformly distributed loads.  An IBC that is supported by pedestal post or feet focuses all of its weight on those feet.  If the dimensions of those feet are not large enough to properly displace the weight on the Spill Pallet’s grating, it could be an issue.  As a precaution, steel plates (at least 12" x 12") can be used under the feet in order to more evenly distribute the weight over a greater area.  If you have any concerns about your IBCs weight, please contact us at 800-353-1611 / 904-292-1611.



How large of an IBC can I store on the Ultra-IBC Hard Top?
According to the Federal Regulations (40 CFR 264.175), you can store an IBC with a capacity of up to 365 gallons.  However, local regulations can be more stringent so it is important to contact your local authorities to ensure compliance.



Is the IBC Hard Top Spill Pallet forkliftable? 
Yes, there are forklift pockets on two sides of the Pallet.



Is the Ultra-IBC Hard Top waterproof?
No, the spill pallet is not completely waterproof.  It is more accurately described as weatherproof.  In other words, in standard weather conditions, your drums and/or containers should be protected and water gathering in the pallets is not a concern.  However, during very gusty conditions or very heavy rainfall, some water may get into the unit.  It is good practice to inspect the interior of the Hard Top after any severe weather.



Can the Ultra-IBC Hard Top be moved with a forklift while there is a full tank on top of it? 
It is not recommended.



What is the outdoor life expectancy of the Ultra-IBC Hard Top?
Because of the different conditions and circumstances that a product like this is used under, it is impossible to put a number on a question like this.  However, it is worth noting that (with the exception of a few pieces of hardware) the entire unit is made with polyethylene, which will not rust or corrode.  In addition, we use a UV inhibitor to prevent degrading effects from sunlight.  Finally, we offer the industry's best warranty and will cover any material or workmanship defects for up to five years.



Is the IBC included?
The IBCs are NOT included.  They are only used in our photographs to help convey the product's application.



Can I add a drain to my Hard Top after it's been purchased/delivered?
Yes, there are two different ways that it can be done.  Both are easy to do and inexpensive.  Please contact us for more information.



If I don't have a drain, then how am I supposed to clean up after a spill?
We recommend using a pump like the Bladder Pump (Part# 2345) used with our Spill Deck Bladder Systems.  Click here to see a video of it in action.



How many IBC Hard Tops can be put in a single stack for shipping?  What other shipping information should I know?
A single IBC Hard Top ships on an oversized skid (60" x 64"), freight class 250 and NMFC 156600-3.


  • 40 CFR 264.175
  • Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Act (SPCC)
  • 40 CFR 122.26