Ultra-Hard Top Spill Pallets®

Twin IBC Hard Top

Comply with spill containment regulations while storing IBC tanks outdoors 

Store two IBC tanks outdoors and keep them safely out of the elements while providing enough containment to meet EPA and SPCC spill containment regulations. The covered containment will also help to meet the NPDES requirements.

Key Features: 
  • Uses the same sump as Ultra-Twin IBC Spill Pallet
  • Unique, lockable, dual closure allows quick access to IBC tanks or drums
  • Heavy duty construction can handle up to 8,000 lbs. per side (UDL).
  • Roll-top covers can be easily lifted for routine visual inspection
  • UV inhibitor in polyethylene resin resists degrading effects of sunlight, adding years to outdoor service life. 
  • Swing-out doors provide safety and convenience for loading/unloading tanks
  • Safely stores IBC tanks with maximum dimensions of 52" x 52" x 61".
  • Protected by the industry’s strongest warranty - Five (5) years against any material or workmanship defects.  Learn more.


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Ultra-Twin IBC Hard Top Spill Pallet

Part # Description Dimensions in. (mm) Uniformly Distributed Loads lbs. (kg) Containment Capacity gal. (L) Weight lbs. (kg) Where to Buy
1148 Twin IBC Spill Pallet, without drain 128 x 67 x 96 (3,251 x 1,702 x 2,438) 8,000 (3,629) UDL/side 535 (2,025) 1,067.0 (484.0)
1149 Twin IBC Spill Pallet, with drain 128 x 67 x 96 (3,251 x 1,702 x 2,438) 8,000 (3,629) UDL/side 535 (2,025) 1,067.0 (484.0)


Part # Description Dimensions in. (mm) Weight lbs. (kg) Where to Buy
1160 Bucket Shelf 19½ x 16 x 14½ (495 x 406 x 368) 10.0 (5.0)

More info / Downloads

Product Data Sheet:  Twin IBC Hard Top

Chemical Compatibility

Assembly instructions (NOTE: Unless specified, the Ultra-Twin IBC Hard Top ships completely assembled)

Care & Maintenance

Uniformly Distributed Load Explained

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The Path to the Perfect Product

The Advantages of Rotomolding

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Twin IBC Hard Top ship? Is any assembly required?
The Twin IBC Hard Top ships completely assembled and ready to go upon arrival. However, we can ship a disassembled unit to reduce shipping space. Please contact us for more information on this option.


Is the sump continuous or is it two separate compartments? 
The 535-gallon sump is continuous.  In other words, a spill from one side will eventually make its way over to the other side.  There is no barrier to separate the two sides.  It is important to note that chemicals stored on the Twin IBC Spill Pallet must be compatible.



Is the Ultra-Twin IBC Hard Top waterproof?
No, the spill pallet is not completely waterproof.  It is more accurately described as weatherproof.  In other words, in standard weather conditions, your drums and/or containers should be protected and water gathering in the pallets is not a concern.  However, during very gusty conditions or very heavy rainfall, some water may get into the unit.  It is good practice to inspect the interior of the Hard Top after any severe weather.



Can I move the Twin IBC Spill Pallet with IBCs on top? 
No.  IBCs, tanks, totes, drums and other items must be removed from the Pallet surface prior to moving it.



What is the size of the grating that each IBC sits on? 
Each side of the Twin IBC Spill Pallet has a usable surface that is 52" x 52".  This surface comprised of two removable grates that are each 26" x 52".


How does the Twin IBC Hard Top lock? 
There is a single point where the top "rolltop" door meets with the bottom "swing-out" doors. Please note that each side of each compartment requires its own padlock.  In other words, a total of four (4) padlocks are required to secure one Twin IBC Hard Top.



Is there a center wall that separates the compartments in the Twin IBC Hard Top or is it one large space for both IBCs? 
There is a center wall that separates the two compartments.



Can the Ultra-Twin IBC Hard Top support an IBC that has pedestal posts for legs, or just flat bottom IBCs? 
The Pallet has an 8,000 lb. per side capacity.  This is for uniformly distributed loads.  An IBC that is supported by pedestal post or feet focuses all of its weight on those feet.  If the dimensions of those feet are not large enough to properly displace the weight on the Spill Pallet’s grating, it could be an issue.  As a precaution, steel plates (at least 12" x 12") can be used under the feet in order to more evenly distribute the weight over a greater area.  If you have any concerns about your IBCs weight, please contact us at 800-353-1611 / 904-292-1611.

  • 40 CFR 264.175
  • Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Act (SPCC)
  • 40 CFR 122.26