Ultra-Hose Stand®

Keep hoses off berm sidewalls — reduce damage and maintain full capacity

Many of our Ultra-Containment Berms have capacities in the thousands of gallons, which is great as long as the sidewalls stay up. During fueling operations with tanker trucks, if the fuel hoses are laid unsupported on a Containment Berm wall, there is a possibility of the wall being pushed down. Even a slightly reduced angle in the wall could mean a significant reduction in capacity.

The Ultra-Hose Stand was designed to support fueling hoses and act as a bridge to ensure that Containment Berm sidewalls remain fully upright. The Hose Stand is rugged and heavy-duty enough to withstand the daily rigors of fueling operations but lightweight enough to be easily moved and stored.
Key Features:
  • Keeps hoses off of containment berm sidewalls − helps maintain structural integrity and capacity.  
  • Versatile units can be used completely inside or outside of the berm or straddling the berm with the sidewall running through the opening in the side support.
  • Cutout in the top of the unit can handle up to 6 1/2” hoses — keeps hoses secure.  


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Ultra-Hose Stand

Part # Description Dimensions in. (mm) Material Weight lbs. (kg) Where to Buy
8369 Hose Stand 16¼ x 9¼ x 23¹/₅ (413 x 235 x 591 Polyurea 5.5 (2.5)
Frequently Asked Questions

Are there really questions that are frequently asked about the Ultra-Hose Stand?
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Is the Ultra-Hose Stand available in custom colors? I'm a huge Florida Gators fan and would love a Hose Stand in orange and blue.
Normally, we don't do business with Gator fans. However, if you buy a lot of Hose Stands we'll make them in any color you want. Please contact us for the definition of "a lot". Also, go Bulldogs.



If I asked you a question with the words "hose" and "stand" in it a lot would that help? Because since I'm actually you and I'm asking questions about the Hose Stand as well as the Ultra-Hose Stand and then you (I) am answering those same questions about hose stands as well as Ultra-Hose Stands, I can kinda ask whatever I want about hose stands or Ultra-Hose Stands. Right?
That is correct. You can ask just about anything you want about hose stands, Hose Stands or Ultra-Hose Stands. I (you) have got the answers for any of them. I (you) know all about hose stands, Hose Stands and Ultra-Hose Stands.