Ultra-Oil Filter Booms®

Skirted Models

Stop oil spills at the surface AND below

Most booms are designed to float on the water and absorb or contain the oil that's on the surface.  That makes sense since most of the oil will be on the surface.  But what about the oil that is below the surface?  

With larger spills, there will also be subsurface oil.  The Skirted Model Ultra-Oil Filter Boom uses X-Tex material to remove oil both at and below the surface.

  • Made with Ultra-X-Tex material — allows water to instantly filter through the material and pulls off the oil selectively as the material is lipophilic.
  • 34” skirt attached below Boom helps capture oil that is underwater but close to the surface.
  • Additional 60” skirts can be quickly added for deeper water protection.
  • Multiple Booms can be connected for long, continuous runs and easy deployment/retrieval.
  • Unique material removes emulsified oil and dispersants.


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 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Ultra-Oil Filter Boom Skirted Model

Part # Description Dimensions Oil Capacity gal. (L) Where to Buy
5240 Boom 13’ L (4 m) 11.0 (41.5)
5241 Extension Skirt 13’ x 60” (4 m x 1,524 mm) 11.0 (41.5)

CLEARANCE ITEM: Need a longer boom? Looking for a bargain? Contact us about the discontinued Ultra-Oil Boom (Part# 5204) - 50'L x 6"Dia

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Ultra-X-Tex vs. Polypropylene

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ultra-Oil Filter Boom made from?
The Oil Filter Boom is made with Ultra-X-Tex. It is a recycled material that can very quickly pull oil from water.



How much oil can the Oil Filter Boom hold?
The Ultra-Oil Filter Boom, Skirted Model can hold up to 11 gallons (41.5 L). The Extension Skirt can also hold up to 11 gallons (41.5 L).



Can I connect multiple units of Oil Filter Boom?
Yes, there are attachment points for both the Boom and the Extension Skirt.



Why should I consider the Ultra-Oil Filter Boom instead of a polypropylene berm?
The Ultra-X-Tex material used to make the Oil Filter Booms outperforms polypropylene in absorption capacity and other aspects. Click here to learn more.



How does the Ultra-Oil Filter Boom compare to polypropylene berms in terms of cost?
When only considering the "off the shelf" price, polypropylene is cheaper. However, when taking into consideration the additional costs of labor to deploy and retrieve each boom, the Oil Filter Boom is considerably less expensive. Click here to learn more.



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