Ultra-Pipe Socks®

Control the flow of sediment and oil out of headwall and other types of pipes

The Ultra-Pipe Sock is engineered using UltraTech’s Ultra-X-Tex, a durable geo-textile filter media that allows large volumes of water to pass through while absorbing liquid hydrocarbons including petroleum, animal and vegetable oils, and other liquid contaminants. This makes it a perfect material for filtering contaminants from a water source and controlling erosion.

Also great for pond applications where vertical pipes extend above the water surface and preventing sediment in-flow during high water events is required.

Compliance: Helps comply with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999) when used as Best Management Practice in Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans.

Several Custom sizes available.


Pipe Sock


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Ultra-Pipe Socks

Part # Description Dimensions in. (mm) Oil Capacity gal. (L) Weight lbs. (kg) Where to Buy
9705-O/S Oil & Sediment 8 dia. x 60 L (204 x 1,524) 1.7 (6.4) 2.0 (1.0)
9706-O/S Oil & Sediment 12 dia. x 60 L (305 x 1,524) 2.6 (9.8) 3.0 (1.5)
9707-O/S Oil & Sediment 16 dia. x 60 L (407 x 1,524) 3.5 (13.2) 3.0 (1.5)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Pipe Socks made of?
Ultra-Pipe Socks are made using a recycled material called Ultra-X-Tex.



What's the deal with X-Tex?
Ultra-X-Tex is a high-performance, cost-effective absorbent that allows large volumes of water to pass through while sorbing liquid hydrocarbons, including petroleum, animal and vegetable oils. Find out more here.



How do I attach the Pipe Sock?
The Ultra-Pipe Sock has straps that are attached to the sock itself. These straps can be tied around the pipe to secure it in place. Alternatively, a large hose clamp (not included) can be used.



How much oil can the Ultra-Pipe Sock absorb?
The absorbing capacity is based on the size of the Pipe Sock: 8" Dia. = 1.7 gal (6.4 L). 12" Dia. = 2.6 gal (9.8 L). 16" Dia. = 3.5 gal (13.2 L)



What other products should I consider that are similar to the Pipe Sock?
The Ultra-Dewatering Bag is similar in function to the Pipe Sock just on a larger scale.


Patents Page

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