Protect Your Containment Berm Investment

Ground Tarps / Track Belts / All-In-One Option

Depending on the size of the Ultra-Containment Berm, you can potentially spend thousands of dollars. All of UltraTech's products, including the Berms are the highest quality available and we stand behind them. But when you’re driving a truck that weighs tens of thousands of pounds in and out on a daily basis, even the toughest material can be put to the test.
That’s where ground tarps and track belts come in. These relatively inexpensive options can be purchased for any size Berm and will help to ensure your Ultra-Containment Berm is protected and lasts a long time.
Ground Tarps go underneath the Berm and are typically 1 to 4 feet larger than the Berm itself. They are made from an 18.5 oz/sq. yd. polyester blended PVC.  By placing the Ground Tarp down before you deploy your Ultra-Containment Berm, you can prevent punctures, tears, and rips from rocks or debris that may be underneath the Berm’s floor.

The Ground Tarp Plus serves the same purpose as the standard Ground Tarp but is more tear and puncture resistant.  It provides excellent protection in the oil fields and other rocky areas where extra heavy-duty protection is required.  It also has the additional benefit of an absorbent top layer for nuisance leaks, drips, and spills. 


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Track Belts
 are 30” wide sections of material that lie inside the Containment Berm and act as a “buffer” between a vehicle’s tires and the Berm. Track Belts come in pairs and will typically run the length of the Berm’s usable space. Some customers prefer to get a few extra feet on each end so they can also cover the end walls. The polyester blended PVC layer provides low stretch and good tear resistance. The heavy-duty PVC compound offers excellent oil/hydrocarbon resistance as well as good wear characteristics.
Get it All-In-One and eliminate missing parts
The new “All-In-One” option for the Ultra-Containment Berm has all of the extra protection you need built right in. Both the Ground Tarp and Track Belts are pre-attached (welded or heat-sealed) depending on the materials used to make your berm. Once you unpackage the berm and set it up, it will be ready to use with the additional protection already in place.  Order part number 8670 with any berm to receive this great feature.  (NOTE:  This option is not available with the Economy Model Containment Berms)
Repair Services - We offer complete repair and refurbishing services.  Please contact us for details.

From UltraTech University

Ground Tarps

Part # Description Dimensions ft. (m) Weight lbs. (kg) Where to Buy
8311 11' x 11' - For all 4' x 6', 6' x 6', and 10' x 10' Containment Berms 11 x 11 (3.3 x 3.3) 8.0 (3.6)
8322 16' x 64' - For all 12' x 60' Containment Berms 16 x 64 (4.9 x 19.5) 67.0 (30.4)
8338 19' x 54' - For all 15' x 50' Containment Berms 19 x 54 (5.8 x 16.5) 68.0 (30.8)
8334 19' x 70' - For all 15' x 66' Containment Berms 19 x 70 (5.8 x 21.3) 88.0 (40.0)
Custom sizes available.

Ground Tarp Plus

Part # Description Dimensions ft. (m) Approx. Weight lbs. (kg) Where to Buy
8492 Ground Tarp Plus - Standard Cut Size 12 x 22 (3.66 x 6.7) 54 (25)
8493 Ground Tarp Plus - Standard Cut Size 12 x 32 (3.66 x 9.8) 79 (36)
8494 Ground Tarp Plus - Standard Cut Size 12 x 52 (3.66 x 15.8) 129 (58)
8495 Ground Tarp Plus - Standard Cut Size 12 x 62 (3.66 x 18.9) 153 (70)
8497 Ground Tarp Plus - FULL ROLL 12 x 450 (3.66 x 137.2) 1,130 (513)
8496 Ground Tarp Plus - CUSTOM SIZE -- --

Track Belts

Part # Description Dimensions in. x ft. (mm x m) Weight lbs. (kg) Where to Buy
8343 Set of (2), 30" x 56', 18 oz. PVC 30 x 56 (762 x 17) 144.0 (65.3)
8344 Set of (2), 30" x 66', 18 oz. PVC 30 x 66 (762 x 20) 173.0 (78.5)
8345 Set of (2), 30" x 72', 18 oz. PVC 30 x 72 (762 x 22) 190.0 (86.2)
Custom sizes available.

Specifications - Standard Ground Tarps and Track Belts

Specifications - Ground Tarp Plus