Ultra-RadWaste Filters®

UltraTech continues to challenge the market by constantly looking for new and innovative ways to enhance their product lines to address their customer’s constantly changing needs. This attitude is reflected in the latest series of filters developed by UltraTech. This versatile, modular design has resulted in several new bung, self-tapping, and self-drilling filters. All UltraTech filters can now be fitted with UltraTech’s innovative headspace gas sampling systems, which is fully compliant with all WIPP requirements and have been shown to be more time efficient than competitor’s filters.

  • Lower cost
  • Optional Gas Sampling Feature
  • High hydrogen diffusion & particulate retention
  • Sintered stainless steel, carbon, ceramic, or plastic filter media
  • Custom lengths of self-drilling filters
  • Self-tapping models


UltraTech currently has fourteen WIPP approved filter vents, including a two-inch, high diffusion (25X-rated), bung filter.  Click here to view/download the list.


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Radwaste Filters

Part # Description Hydrogen Diffusion Particle Retention Flow Where to Buy
9400 3/4” Bung, Rad Filter 3.7E 10-6 >99.97 > 200
9412/9413 Gas Sample, Self Drilling 3.7E 10-6 >99.97 > 200
9423 High-Diffusion (5X) Bung Style 1.85E 10-5 >99.97 > 200
9424 High-Diffusion (5X) Gas Sample Bung Style 1.85E 10-5 >99.97 > 200
9500 High-Diffusion (5x) 3/4” Bung 1.85E 10-5 >99.97 > 200