Ultra-Self Bailer®

Passively filter hydrocarbons from stormwater in outdoor containment products

Outdoor spill containment presents a challenge that is not seen indoors...rain. Unless outdoor spill containment is covered / protected from the elements, it is susceptible to rainfall. If a containment unit's sump gets filled up with rainwater, it loses its capacity to contain spills. In other words, for every gallon of rain in the sump, there is one less gallon of chemical / fuel / hazmat that can be contained.

The Ultra-Self Bailer is designed to attach to any spill containment unit, typically by a bulkhead fitting. Rainwater drains through the bulkhead fitting and any residual oil, gas or other hydrocarbons is removed by the filter media inside of the unit, allowing only clean water to exit. In the event of a spill, the media swells, completely sealing off the Self Bailer preventing any liquid from escaping.
Key Features:  
  • The best protection for non-monitored containment sites.
  • Helps eliminate problems associated with the collection of rainwater in outdoor containment products.
  • Simple installation - can be connected to any outdoor containment product.
  • Hydrocarbon "sheens" and modest spills are captured - clean stormwater drains through the outflow port.
  • Larger or concentrated spills activate "auto-shutoff" mechanism.
  • Manual shutoff valve can be used to secure all draining operations.
  • Filters are quickly and easily replaced.
  • PVC construction - will not rust or corrode.



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Ultra-Self Bailer

Part # Description Dimensions in. (mm) Capacity (oz.) Cut-off Loss (oz.)+ Flow Rate gal. (L) per hour* Weight lbs. (kg) Replacement Filter Part# Where to Buy
9935 Standard 28 L x 3½ dia. (712 x 89) 6 - 8 7 - 10 7.5 (29) 2.0 (1.0) 9936 (Qty. 2)
9937 Large 36 L x 4½ dia. (915 x 115) 21 - 28 26 - 32 22 (84) 6.0 (3.0) 9938 (Qty. 1)
9926 XL 39 L x 6½ dia. (991 x 166) 140 - 156 150 - 165 42 (159) 11.0 (5.0) 9927 (Qty. 1)
9928 XXL 43 L x 9 dia. (1,093 x 229) 200 - 226 215 - 228 55 (209) 16.0 (7.0) 9929 (Qty. 1)

* At 2” WC (Head Pressure)

+ Cut-off loss is the approximate amount of hydrocarbons that may pass through the Self-Bailer prior to complete shut-off in the event of a spill.

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Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Self Bailer?  
Outdoor spill containment faces a challenge in the form of rain.  Rainwater that has collected in a spill containment sump reduces that sump's capacity to effectively contain a spill.  In other words, if a containment sump is filled with water, it can no longer be filled with a spill.

The Ultra-Self Bailer allows rainwater to pass through while removing any residual hydrocarbons from the water flow.

How do I install it? 
The Ultra-Self Bailer comes with a female 3/4" NPT fitting, as well as a coupler fitting.  If your pallet, sump, etc. is fitted with a 3/4" NPT drain (all UltraTech products use this type of drain), you will not need additional parts. 

If your part does not have a 3/4" NPT drain, you will also need a bulkhead fitting (P/N 1073).  A hole (1 9/16") will need to be drilled into the sidewall of your product, and the bulkhead fitting installed in the hole.  The Ultra-Self Bailer (using the included coupler fitting) can then be installed in the bulkhead fitting.


What is the shut-off valve for?  
As you might have guessed, the shut-off valve is a manual shut-off to completely stop water (and anything else) from passing through the Ultra-Self Bailer.  The shut-off valve is useful when switching out filter cartridges.  It can also be used if you happen to see a spill taking place, in which case you can prevent the spill from reaching the filter media and won't need to replace it with a new one.


When/how often do I need to change out the filter?  
The life of your Ultra-Self Bailer's filter media cartridge will depend on the amount of oil/hydrocarbons present in the water that is draining through the unit.  As the filter media becomes saturated with oil, it expands and the water flow will become more and more restricted.  The filter should be replaced once the water's flow rate is no longer sufficient.


Is there a way to extend the life of my filter?  
When circumstances allow, the use of polypropylene absorbents (not included) inside of the containment sump as a "pre-filter" should extend the life of your Ultra-Self Bailer.


Why is the drain at the top of the filter in all of your pictures?  Shouldn't it be on the bottom? 
No, the pictures are correct.  By placing the drain port at the top, any water that passes through is forced to flow up through the filter media, giving it (the media) more time to remove oil and hydrocarbons from the flow.


How do I know when it is "full?" 
Water flow from the drain port of the Ultra-Self Bailer is an excellent indicator of the amount of oil/hydrocarbons that have been absorbed by the unit.  When that water flow has been severely restricted or completely stopped, the Ultra-Self Bailer's filter is "full" and needs to be changed as soon as possible.