Ultra-Table Top Spill Berms®

Capture Small Spills Before They Hit The Floor!

Spill containment doesn't have to be just about large spills.  Small leaks and spills can be just as impactful and damaging.  It all depends on what's getting spilled and where that spill might end up.  Be prepared for those potentially disastrous spills on lab tables, workshops, and countertops with the Ultra-Table Top Spill Berm.

  • Keep spills contained to the table top.
  • Non-absorbing urethane design allows easy cleanup.
  • Designed for use in laboratory, research, medical and industrial applications.
  • Same material and construction as the Ultra-Spill Berm.
  • Non-permanent installation can be removed and reused repeatedly.
  • Can be cut to shorter lengths as needed.


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Spill Berm

Ultra-Table Top Spill Berm

Part # Dimensions in. (mm) Weight lbs. (kg) Where to Buy
2051 48 x 1 x ¾ (1,220 x 25 x 19) 2.0 (1.0)

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Chemical Compatibility

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cut the Ultra-Spill Berm?  
Yes, the Spill Berm can be cut to size with a utility knife or other sharp blade.  As always, be sure to wear the appropriate PPE and use caution when cutting.


Can I connect Spill Berms together if I need to protect a larger area?  
Unlike some of the other Ultra-Spill Berms, the Table Top Spill Berm does not have a mechanism or accessory to connect multiple units.  Depending on the application and containment requirements, the Berms could possibly be "butted up" together or slightly overlapped to provide a larger containment/protection area.


Do you have anything larger? 
Yes, the standard Ultra-Spill Berm is 10' long and 4" tall, the Ultra-Spill Berm Plus is 5' long and 4 1/2" tall and the Spill Berm, Low-Profile Model is 10' long and 2 1/4" tall.


Your compatibility chart says 'NR' for the chemical that I'm using.  What exactly does that mean?  
'NR' stands for 'Not Recommended'.  HOWEVER, it is worth noting that most chemical compatibility guides (ours included) are based on a one-year immersion test.  In other words, the material being tested is completely immersed in the chemical in question.  After one year, the material is removed and checked for any degradation.  Needless to say, a spill response product is not going to be exposed to a chemical for a year.  So it's possible that the Spill Berm will be effective against a spill of a chemical that is listed as 'NR'. The best way to know for sure is to test for yourself.  Please contact our customer service team and they will be able to send you a no-charge sample.


Is there a way to make my Spill Berm installation more permanent?  
Yes, cyanoacrylates can be used to bond the Ultra-Spill Berm to a surface.  Cyanoacrylates are a family of strong fast-acting adhesives commonly sold under names such as "Super Glue" and "Krazy Glue".


Can I leave the Ultra-Spill Berm outdoors?  
The Ultra-Table Top Spill Berm is made with urethane and will degrade/break down in extended UV exposure.  It is recommended that Spill Berms only be exposed for as long as required to contain and clean-up a spill.  Long-term outdoor use is not recommended.


How do I clean the Spill Berm after it's been used?  
Typically, a standard soap and water mixture is all that is needed to clean a Spill Berm.  Once the Ultra-Table Top Spill Berm has been cleaned it should be allowed to air dry and then returned to its original packaging.


Is the Spill Berm reusable? 
Yes, the Ultra-Table Top Spill Berm is reusable provided that it has not been exposed to a chemical that has caused any degradation.


How should the Ultra-Spill Berm be stored?  
The Ultra-Table Top Spill Berm should be stored in a cool, dry area in the carrying case that it is shipped in.  It is important that the Spill Berm does not touch itself because, over time, the touching areas will meld together.