Ultra-Track Berm®

Portable containment unit captures railcar leaks and spills

Leaky locomotives and tanker cars can wreak environmental havoc on a railroad site.  For loading areas, maintenance locations and other sections where leaks and spills are frequent, a more permanent spill containment system like the Ultra-Track Pans is an excellent solution.  

But for a portable spill containment / spill response solution, the Ultra-Track Berm may be just the right answer.  The Track Berm is portable enough to be quickly and effectively moved by one person to a leak or spill and can capture up to 144 gallons.  

If a larger spill occurs or greater capacity is needed, drain hoses (not included) can be connected to the camlock fittings so the spilled material is directed to a waste collection area or larger container.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and portable spill containment unit is easily placed under leaking/spilling railcars.
  • Dual-sump design provides protection for the area on either side of the rail.
  • Two (2) stainless steel camlock fittings allow quick and leak-free drainage of spilled chemicals.
  • Closed-cell polyethylene foam provides secure sidewall structure.
  • Durable 40oz. (42 mil) PVC construction withstands harsh railroad conditions and provides excellent chemical compatibility.




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Ultra-Track Berm

Part # Description Material Wall Height in. (mm) Outside Dimensions in. (mm) Inside Dimensions in. (mm) Containment Capacity gal. (L) Weight lbs. (kg) Where to Buy
8490 Ultra-Track Berm 40 oz. (42 Mil) PVC 12 (305) 72 x 48 (1,829 x 1,219) 67.5 x 43.5 (1,715 x 1,105) 144 (545) 24.0 (10.9)

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Chemical Compatibility

Press Release - UltraTech’s Portable Spill Containment Captures Railroad Spills

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I use an Ultra-Track Berm instead of something like a Track Pan?
The Ultra-Track Pan and Ultra-Track Pan Composite Model are both outstanding products for spill containment on the railroad. But when compared to the Ultra-Track Berm, they are considerably less portable and designed for a permanent or semi-permanent installation. The Ultra-Track Berm allows you to quickly respond to a leak or spill wherever it is.



What kind of chemicals can be contained by the Ultra-Track Berm?
The Berm is made using 40 oz. (42 mil) PVC which is very durable and provides excellent chemical resistance. You can look up specific chemicals with this guide.



How portable is the Ultra-Track Berm?
While the Track Berm is built to last with heavy-duty materials and components, it weighs in at only 24 lbs (10.9 Kg) so it can be easily transported to wherever it is needed.



What's the deal with those steel connectors?
Those are camlock fittings and they are used to connect hoses to in case of a large or catastrophic spill. The hoses can be used to channel spillage to a holding tank or other containment area.