Ultra-Trench Filter

Reduce oil and sediment flowing through trench drains and pipes

  • Filter design forces water to flow around and through a series of X-Tex filter strips - sand, silt and sediment are trapped between the strips while hydrocarbons are absorbed by the X-Tex material.
  • Unit has a 10 ft. x 2 ft. section of filter strips - nylon cord is sewn along the entire length of the fabric for added strength.
  • Loops on each end allow Ultra-Trench Filters to be connected together for long runs of trench/pipe.
  • Ten-foot cord (included) can be used to tie off the Ultra-Trench Filter and secure it in place.
  • Helps comply with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999) and TMDL requirements.


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Ultra-Trench Filter

Part # Description Dimensions in. (mm) Containment Capacity gal. (L) Weight lbs. (kg)
9700 Ultra-Trench Filter 120 x 24 (3,048 x 610) 5 (18.9) 2 (0.9)