I have had the pleasure of checking a sample of Aveho after hearing about it from the local supplier.

Upon enquiry, I was given a copy of the technical data from the developer, and studied this before using the product.

Having tried it on a number of different substrates and found it worked well and was surprisingly easy to apply. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see how Aveho was quite efficient at removing the odours of chemicals, very similar to those which Aveho it is designed to act upon, in small scale tests, and to bear out information in the technical data mentioned above. I understand this testing has also been backed up independently by user experience.

I have found the support from UltraTech fast, open and on topic. It is pleasing to see this product move toward the market and I wish it every success. I believe this product, Aveho, could have very wide ranging applications in many areas of many markets where odour control might be required, and I encourage its continued development in line with this immense potential.

My only curiosity is, “what else can you do at Ultratech?” I’d like to know more.




Pete Roy,  Senior technical officer (mechanical)
New Zealand Leather & Shoe Research Association (LASRA)





Recently I was driving home from work when I rescued two Tibetan Mastiff dogs from the highway. In the Florida heat, even a clean dog who has been outside carries a distinctly strong odor. These dogs, however, smelled horrendous (to say the least). They were covered in head to toe in mud. Both were dripping with rainwater and slobber.

As an animal lover, I didn't think twice before loading these giant animals into the hatchback/trunk area of my SUV. Once in my car, an immediate panic came over me as their odor began wafting through my new car (of two months)! I drove with the dogs for over an hour before finding their home. But even after the dogs were reunited with their owner, I was left with an unfathomable smell that got worse as the temperature of the day began to rise.

I was certain there would be no recourse for such a terrible odor, but boy was I wrong. I had purchased a 32oz bottle of Aveho in the weeks prior for use in my home. I fetched the bottle, opened the trunk of my car and sprayed every surface with a fair amount of product. Within a few hours, I returned to the car to assess the damage, truly not expecting much. TO my surprise, there was a VERY FAINT dog smell. I had not even cleaned the mud or hair from the back of my vehicle, but the Aveho was doing some serious work on the dog smell. I was shocked. I ran back inside, grabbed that magical bottle of goodness and applied one more application to the vehicle and allowed it to sit overnight. I crossed my fingers and said a prayer.

The next morning, I hesitantly opened the car door and was greeted by the new car smell the car had prior to the dog rescue. I cannot in words, express the shock I experienced. There was literally zero dog odor. Zero. The incredible thing about this product is that it does not mask bad odors. It literally diminishes them, leaving no sort of perfume or masking smell. The bad smells are simply gone. There is no product that I have used in my thirty-six years that has ever been able to do what Aveho is capable of.

I cannot rave enough about this product. As someone who spends a small fortune on wax melts and cleaning products, I can honestly say that there is no product on the market that even remotely compares. I am so grateful for this product. You have a lifetime customer in me!

Jacksonville, FL


I had an unexpected intruder in my house, in the form of the neighbours Tom cat. Aside from scaring my female cat, he decided to spray various locations in my house before leaving. One location was all over my rare vinyl records.

To remove the smell I have tried, kitchen bacterial sprays, expensive specialised odour neutralising pet sprays &herbal type remedies, to name but a few. Alas, nothing worked! The smell would not go, and after 18 months was very much still present. 

My company started to work with UltraTech testing one of the products called Aveho. Mark Shaw suggested that I test the product on my vinyl records. After everything I had already tried, I must admit I was pessimistic. However, after two applications of Aveho the smell is no longer present. A surprising addition was the vinyl's are no longer greasy. They were previously greasy due to the cat spray.

Coventry, UK

The basement in our house has become an embarrassment every time we invite friends over because of the smell from cat urine.  Even after steam cleaning the carpets, the smell never really went away.  We had considered replacing all of the carpets but this would be a huge expense considering that our house is less than 10 years old.  I sprayed Aveho™ generously over the whole carpet area and the next day there was practically no smell.  I was very impressed and would use this product again.

Roanoke, VA

Our dog had peed on our carpet and my wife wanted to rent a carpet scrubber to clean the carpet and get rid of the odor. I needed to test some “new” trigger sprayers so I thought I would bring some Aveho home and tested it for myself.

I went home that evening and sprayed the smelly area and didn’t notice a difference (still smelled) so I sprayed it again and still smelled it. so I went to bed that evening thinking that this didn’t work. The next day when I returned from work I walked in the smelly area and was amazed the smell was gone—so I asked my wife to smell in the area and she couldn’t smell it either. Aveho doesn’t mask the smell, and It’s been 2/months since we sprayed the area and we still can’t smell the dog pee. Very impressive!

I would just note it takes about 12/24hrs for it to start working.

Akron, OH

I treated Aveho on piece of fabric (12” x 12”). Then, I put in my living room and garbage bin for dog. My little dog live in living room and create smell. It is not bad smell and only smell from animal. After treated fabric put on there about couple hours, all smell is almost gone. After 1 day, no more smell. I travelled with family to UK for 2 weeks and back home last week. There is some smell, but I will say 90% smell gone. It seems to me that Aveho treated fabric absorb smell 3~4 weeks, and we are all pretty happy the odor control function.

My living room is 1,000 square feet. My maid open window every morning and close all window about 7:00pm, just like normal. 

Hong Kong

I own three small dogs which I take to the beach five times a week. As you can imagine three wet dogs can really make the car stink. No amount of cleaning and vacuuming makes much difference. I have tried everything including ozone generators but nothing works for long. So I was more than a little skeptical when I read the claims being made about Aveho.

I ordered a bottle out of curiosity more than anything and to be totally honest I was not prepared for the results. Four small squirts in the car and within 10 minutes the odors were gone. A week later and there are still no traces of the odors. Unbelievable.

New Zealand





Anyone with experience with Diaper Genies knows that there are limits to their effectiveness. And once you cross that line, it is an awful odor. It smells up entire rooms.  The Aveho worked really well. I opened the flap on the Diaper Genie and sprayed three mists into the unit (with the flaps up, on top of the top diaper). I then closed it and returned later (presumably after the Aveho had dried) and there was no odor. Also, when I went to change the bag in the Diaper Genie (generally an awful experience) there was noticeably less odor - far less than typically present.

St. Johns, FL

My 3 year old attends daycare and often wets his pants during nap time. The teachers put the wet clothes in a plastic bag and leave them to sit for hours until I pick him up. I don't have a washer at home so by the time I go to the laundromat (at the end of the week), his clothes have a very strong ammonia smell and sometimes they may have started to mildew from being wet and enclosed in a plastic bag. I begin taking his clothes out of the bag to prevent mildew however, the urine smell was still present. When I received Aveho; the first thing I used it on was a pair of jeans that my 3 year old had urinated in, a couple days prior. It was important for me to remove the odor because not only was it a foul smell but it also seem to have transferred the scent to other clothes in the hamper which ultimately made my kids room smell like urine. After spraying the front and back of his pants, I waited a few minutes and smelled them and to my surprise there was no odor. I had my 12 year old to also smell them just to make sure and he confirmed that there was no smell. I was very pleased with the results and although the Aveho removed the urine smell; there was no type of fragrance smell on his jeans which also may be ideal for allergy sufferers. 

Jacksonville, FL






I remembered the Aveho® sitting on the floor in the garage!  I grabbed an old tee-shirt that I was using for shop rags and cut off about a 6” piece of it, then soaked the piece of cloth by spraying it with Aveho®.  After letting it dry, I just threw the piece of cloth into the bottom of my gym bag and forgot about it.

I may have mentioned that it is my habit to stop early mornings at the gym on the way into work, get in a good workout, shower, change, and throw all the wet stuff into my gym bag.  Well --- I got a new gym bag this spring, and when we began to hit those 95° days (~140° in the trunk of my car), that bag began to get a little more ripe than I could adequately describe by the time I arrived home in the evening.  Like:  Should I wash these clothes or BURNthem?!!  Anyhow, necessity is the mother of invention, right?

Well I realize that my nose is not calibrated, but I will tell you that that little piece of cloth has knocked out about 95% of the odor coming from inside that bag!!!  You would think it’s time to do a re-spray, but my nose isn’t telling me I need to do anything.  This stuff works!

Houston, TX





Saddle Pad

My daughter rides her horse at least 5 times per week, sometimes more than that. She uses a saddle pad under her saddle for the comfort of the horse. This is a quilted cotton blend about ¼ inch thick. The saddle pad gets really sweaty with each use and my daughter hangs it on a rack to dry between rides. The saddle pads are washed every 4-8 weeks or so. As you can imagine, saddle pads get really stinky really quickly. We were lucky enough to get the chance to try an Aveho treated saddle pad and were shocked by the results. My daughter used it for approximately 5 weeks and we did not wash the pad at all. There was a very mild scent of horse but no odor at all of sweat. Other families at the barn were also impressed by the lack of sweat smell and asked if they could have treated pads, too!

Orange Park, FL



Tack Boxes

We have two large plastic toolboxes we use to hold horse-related gear. We have one box we keep at home that holds  equipment, first aid, etc. used at shows and we have another box we keep at the barn to hold the day-to-day tack and equipment needed. Both of these boxes had very offensive odors. The box kept at the barn frequently has sweaty and/or  wet gear dumped into it with the lid closed. It has no chance to dry out so it mildews and gets more and more disgusting to smell. The box kept at home is unpacked and repacked before each show and “surprises” like sweaty gear, etc, really get “baked in” while sitting in our hot garage for a few weeks between each use. We were pleased the Aveho was able to remove the offensive odors of the boxes but have been even more impressed since we started using them again. The Aveho seems to remove the odor from the smelly objects we put into the boxes. I thought we would treat the boxes every so often to remove residual odor from items we store in them but the opposite is true – the items themselves become less stinky and leave much less residual odor. 

Orange Park, FL

We run a Motel complex and odors are always an issue particularly if someone has cooked in one of the units. Depending on what has been cooked removing the odors can be both time consuming and labor intensive.

Aveho has made life easier for our staff and quests. All we need to do now is clean the rooms as we normally would and spray Aveho around the rooms before we close the door behind us. Now we can safely give guests a key to a room without having to worry about them being confronted by any nasty residual cooking or body odors. Aveho has saved us both time and money.

New Zealand

I received an antique ashtray as a gift from my mother and I wanted to set it out on display but I do not like the smell of cigarette smoke in my home.  After washing the piece repeatedly the smell was still very strong. One spray with Aveho and the smell was gone.

Jacksonville, FL