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More than 12 years of intensive product research and development has brought us to a pivotal moment in the odor control industry.  That moment is now and the product is Aveho.

At first glance, you might look at Aveho and think, “Oh great, another air freshener.”  But nothing could be further from the truth.  An industry giant, like Kimberly-Clark Corp doesn’t spend years developing “another air freshener”.  “Another air freshener” doesn't get awarded TWELVE U.S. patents.  No, Aveho goes way beyond the world of air fresheners. 

UltraTech has partnered with Kimberly-Clark to bring this game changing technology to the market.

Have you ever walked into a bathroom and very surprisingly and unexpectedly found yourself enveloped in a cloud of odor?  At that point, it’s too late, you either endure it or you hold your breath. 

Or how about that gym bag that you’ve been hauling your sweaty workout gear in for the past year and a half?  Or your kid’s cleats.  They get muddy, wet... dirty, sweaty, only to be thrown into a duffel bag to await the next practice?  Again, you endure.

The human nose can detect more than 1 trillion different scents.  In fact, smell is considered to be the most powerful of the five senses.  But that kind of power doesn’t come without its drawbacks. After all, a good number of those 1 trillion scents are not very pleasant.   Fortunately, Aveho was developed to target and completely eliminate those foul odors.

You see, the problem with most odor removal products on the market today is they don’t remove anything!  All they do is cover it up… trying to overpower the stink with flowery fragrances or perfumes.  There are some other methods of removing odors but none of them can compare to Aveho.

Aveho Odor Removal Technology doesn’t mask odors, it completely eliminates them.  Aveho is odorless and any surfaces or areas that you spray it on will be odorless too. 

Picture this, odors are flies.  And Aveho is a two-pronged attack on those flies.  The first attack, is binding.  In this method, Aveho works much like fly paper.  Odors stick to it, never to be released.  The second attack is a reaction or catalytic conversion.  You could  think of this as a bug zapper.  It quickly kills the flies and renders them harmless.  Similarly breaks bad odors into smaller, odor-neutral molecules and releases them back into their surroundings.

Look, life can be tough.  We all face challenging circumstances from time-to-time, some more than others.  But sometimes it’s the little victories that brighten up those dark moments, put a smile on our faces.  Wouldn’t a world free of bad odors be a great start? 

Yeah, sometimes life stinks…. But it doesn’t have to.  Not when you have Aveho.


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