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UltraTech International has partnered with Luna Innovations to bring to market a revolutionary new coating.

Gentoo is able to achieve the best properties of hydrophobic and super hydrophobic coatings through the complex chemical reactions that occur ONLY in the advanced technology of sol-gels.

The technical answer for what is a sol-gel is it is a solution that then becomes a gel. So it's like a liquid that then becomes a hard product. The nice thing about this is the network has, what we call, an inorganic and an organic part. So it has flexibility but it has toughness in there too. So, it's almost like a flexible ceramic that you have.

If you've seen any research on superhydrophobic coatings where water will bead up on the surface, that's a great effect, but it's more important that water will shed off the surface.

Gentoo is not superhydrophobic but because of its low sliding angle of less than 5 degrees, it sheds fluid similarly.

Superhydrophobics, due to their structure, don't stand up to much abrasion. They're not practical in applications where there will be wear and tear. Gentoo treated items maintain their clarity and fluid resistance.

Gentoo has been proven to be an outstanding coating for corrosion resistance because it is both an insulator and a barrier coating. When applied to polyurethane or zinc top coat, Gentoo significantly improves the corrosion resistance of these coatings. It's also a very good coating for preventing corrosion between dissimilar metals.

Unlike many coatings, Gentoo is not only durable but flexible. Coated items can be bent and flexed without any cracking or crazing or loss of repellency.

If you have applications that are heating and cooling... expansion and contraction, that's when you can start to see issues with your coating. And if you have really large variations, then it's going to be even more so. And so the fact that we can cover those huge temperature ranges is a big deal.

Gentoo bonds very easily to glass, aluminum and urethane top coats. It can also be bonded to other paints, other metals and plastics with proper surface preparation.

Most of the superhydrophobic coatings have a surface morphology that will end up scattering light and have very poor transparency. We have, in fact, very transparent surfaces, but also, very good water shedding.

Gentoo is also able to provide excellent chemical resistance.

Even when exposed to aggressive chemicals, Gentoo can maintain its hydrophobic properties.

Materials coated with Gentoo are much easier to clean and are often "self-cleaning" depending on conditions and circumstances. Compared to superhydrophobic coatings, Gentoo coated items are much easier to clean with solvents and soaps because of its chemical resistance.

Gentoo can be applied in one of four ways, flow, dip, brush and spray. Each has its own advantages and is dependent on the object being coated, the environment and several other factors.

Gentoo combines durability, clarity, excellent fluid repellency, and easy cleaning properties all in one unique coating. Contact us today to learn more.

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