Market Segment: Mining and Aggregates

Key Contacts: EH&S Manager, Environmental Manager, Facilities Manager, Safety Manager


Market ApplicationsRecommended Products
Erosion areas or contaminant runoff areas near lakes, rivers, streams and other bodies of water

Filter Socks

Erosion Guard

Storm drain and inlet protection

Stormwater Products such as

Drain Guards

Inlet Guards 

Ditch or hillside check dams to slow water/erosion

Erosion Guard

Hot spots in maintenance yards


Drain Seals

Used oils, chemicals onsite

Spill Pallets

Spill Decks

Hard Top Spill Pallets

Railroad chemical offloading Track Pans
Vehicle chemical offloading Containment Berms
Spill response

Pop Up Pools

Spill Berms

Drain Seals

Decon Decks

Heavy equipment that could potentially leak diesel or hydraulic fluid

Cab Mount Containers with Pop Up Pools mounted on each piece of equipment. 

Containment Berms to park on.

Secondary containment for fuel tanks Containment Sumps
Battery charging station for forklifts

Spill Deck Plus

Containment Trays

Utility Trays

Heavy equipment cleaning, maintenance and wash down

Containment Berms


Smoking areas Smoke Stops

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