Mini Foam Wall Model Containment Berm Video Transcript

The Ultra-Containment Berm, Mini Foam Wall Model is a smaller sized berm, sometimes referred to as a duck pond, that is used to capture leaks and drips from vehicles and equipment. 

The foldable containment pools are compact and easy to store but deploy in a moment's notice to respond to a spill.

The Berms fold down and can be secured using the attach strap providing simple and convenient transport and storage.

The foam, six inch high, sidewalls provide support but can be driven over or stepped on for easier equipment or vehicle placement.

Heavy-duty, 18 ounce PVC construction provides excellent chemical compatibility.

Available in standard sizes custom sizes are also available.

Applications for the Ultra-Containment Berm Mini Foam Wall Model include capturing leaks under trucks and other vehicles on site. Using it as a storage pad for equipment or liquid containers cans or drums.  Containing fuel transfers from tank to truck.  Containing drips or spills for maintenance or repairs done on equipment in the field.  Containing leaks or spills from batteries compressors and small drums.


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