Spill Pallet P3 Plus Video Transcript

The Ultra-Spill Pallet P3 Plus is an all-polyethylene spill containment pallet for up to three 55-gallon drums.  The large, 66-gallon sump capacity helps to meet EPA, SPCC and Uniform Fire Code Regulations.  

A low-profile, 8 3/4" height, keeps drum tops lower to the ground and makes pouring and dispensing into funnels, safer and easier.  

The optional heavy-duty loading ramp, quickly clips on to the side of the Pallet, allowing drums to be loaded or unloaded without the use of forklifts or other equipment.

The heavy-duty, 4" thick polyethylene grating can be easily removed for inspection or cleaning of spilled liquids (NOTE:  The voice over of this video states that it is a 4" thick grating.  It is actually a 2" grating).  Forklift pockets on two sides of the Pallet allow the unit to be moved with forklifts, tow motors or pallet jacks.

For more information on the Ultra-Spill Pallet P3 Plus, or any of our other spill containment products, please call us at 800-353-1611 or visit us on the web at www.spillcontainment.com


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