Ultra-IBC Spill Pallets

Uniformly Distributed Load

There are several UltraTech products designed to provide spill containment for intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). The weight capacity on these spill pallets ranges from 8,000 pounds to 16,000 pounds. But it is IMPORTANT to note that these capacities are based on a UDL or Uniformly Distributed Load.

A uniformly distributed load has the same intensity along its application and is illustrated in the diagram below:


There are many different shapes, sizes and models of IBCs. Some of the more popular types are pictured below:

This type of IBC CAN be used “as is” with any UltraTech IBC Spill Pallet because the weight of the tank and its contents is uniformly distributed around the footprint.

A potential issue concerning weight capacity arises when the spill pallet is used with IBCs like those pictured below. These tanks are on “feet” or “legs” and therefore the weight is concentrated on those four points and NOT uniformly distributed.

IMPORTANT: IBCs with feet/legs should NEVER be placed on any grating without adding support under the feet. Issues resulting from placing a unit with feet directly on the grating will not be covered by our

Place a piece of 12” x 12” steel under each of the feet of the IBC (The maximum weight of your IBC will determine the appropriate thickness but in most cases 1/8” to 3/16” thick steel is sufficient). This will help to “spread the load” of the IBC and its contents, allowing the weight to be more uniformly distributed and for the IBC Spill Pallet to perform effectively.

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