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  •  Q&A 

    What chemicals are compatible with the liners?
    There is a "Chemical Compatibility" link toward the bottom of each product page on our website. You can also go to the "Support" section of our website and click on the "Chemical Compatibility" link. Please keep in mind there are five different guides so be sure that you are choosing the correct one.


    Is there a Containment Berm that works better for snow or cold climates?
    There is not a particular model of Ultra-Containment Berm that is better for snow but it may be wise to avoid the Rapid Rise Model since large accumulations of snow could prevent the sidewalls from rising if a spill occurs. Our Containment Berms can be made using a urethane material that has a lower operating temperature. Contact us for more information.


    Can you modify the products on request?
    Most of our Containment Berms are made to order. We can build them to just about any size that is needed by your customer.


    On the berm flowchart (Path to the Perfect Product), there is no specification for forklifts; both pneumatic and solid tires. Big issue is with solid tires and having an effective berm solution.
    This is a good point. We will have to take a look at revising the chart to help indicate which Berms would do better with forklifts.


    Can you make a Containment Wall 6 feet high?
    Not at the moment. The highest size right now is 3 feet.


    Can the Self-Bailer absorb chemicals?
    No unfortunately only hydro-carbon based liquids.


    Another company makes a nice bag with handles on it that carries their containment berms. This is a nice feature for those pulling the berms from inside a warehouse to take on site. Are we able to make something similar that we can pack our smaller sized berms in?
    We have before. It is only beneficial though on the initial set. Hard to put a spilled in berm back in it.


    Will there be other meetings for the rest of the products to clarify more rather than see the product specifications from the company's website to understand more?
    We plan to have more webinars and would love to get input/feedback from you on what you might like to learn about.