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  •  Q&A
    • Are UltraTech products covered by a warranty?
    • Do UltraTech products meet spill containment regulations?
      • Yes, all of our products are designed to meet the EPA and SPCC spill containment regulations. This is assuming that the end-user is using the product as it is intended. If, for example, they are putting an IBC on a spill pallet designed for 55-gallon drum, they will NOT be in compliance.
    • What is the average lead time for a custom Containment Berm?
      • The majority of Containment Berms are built to order so there will be some lead time. It is best to contact our customer service team regarding lead time as they are many things that can factor into it.
    • Does UltraTech have a site survey for compliance for new companies (industry specific)?
    • What certifications do you recommend for account executives in the field?
      • The only 'certified' designation that I typically see in our profession is the QSSP (Qualified Safety Sales Professional). BUT, does that really relate to the UT product lines? Not really. I would say a Stormwater certification would be far more beneficial. Something like the CESCL - but there are a few different certs available. Becoming stormwater certified absolutely adds some street cred.